Featured ADS-B Feeder for March 2023: Fox Wolfe-Johnson (EXTRPI002290)

Fox Wolfe-Johnson

Our featured ADS-B station for March is EXTRPI002290. Since 2013, Fox Wolfe-Johnson has been feeding ADS-B data to AirNav RadarBox using different stations across the U.S. He currently lives in Keystone Heights, Florida. 

Keystone Heights, Florida

Keystone Heights is a city located in southwestern Clay County, Florida, United States. The population of the city was 1,446 at the 2020 census and increased to 1,478 in 2021.

Photo source: NEFMLS, Inc

Fox's ADS-B Station Setup 

Source: Fox-Wolfe Johnson

"It is a Raspberry PI 4 powered via a POE with an AirSpy Mini, a powered bias-t LNA, and a tuned antenna for 1090. It also has a secondary standard RTL-SDR for 978mhz and another tuned antenna for that." - Commented Fox about his setup.

The range of his station is impressive (337 nautical miles) and covers all of Florida! 4,998,945 flight packets are received daily by the station. 

EXTRPI002290 Station Page

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The feeder is mounted on top of that tower in a small NEMA electrical box to keep it dry. His antenna is installed on a 130-foot Rohn radio antenna that he needs to get and provide Internet access in the area.

Source: Fox-Wolfe Johnson

Source: Fox-Wolfe Johnson

Fox says, "I have never been very happy with the different interfaces that other ADS-B trackers have, and when looking around, I found RadarBox, and I really liked it and wanted to add my data to it. I have always wanted to be able to fly a plane.  Over the years, I found that while I could take lessons and the like, personally affording a plane is not likely to be something I could ever do. This allows me to watch the planes that go by, see odd ones, and better understand the flight paths. Plus, it is a fun hobby to tinker with."

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