AirNav Announces Coronavirus Related Data & Graphics Available

The Coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) around the world is creating havoc and disruption for commercial and private aviation. The last two weeks has been nothing short of extraordinary for our industry.

We are uniquely placed in our business to tell the story of how shutdowns, suspensions of service, and disruptions are affecting the industry in real time. As a free service, we are going to be providing our data on this issue to everyone for analysis, study, and use.

All that we ask in this regard is that you credit "" as the source of your data in your analysis and that if you produce papers, charts, graphics, etc., from our data that you send us those products and stories to [email protected] so that we can include what people are doing with our data.

For all data resources please check: 

Your materials could be featured in our own repository of graphics and materials that we're assembling. We will give you full credit for your work as well as a free business level account for materials we select to distribute to major media outlets.

We are also making available charts and graphs that we are producing, and our partners are producing, to tell the story of how the Coronavirus is affecting our industry and partners. We are putting the charts as we make them for media outlets and others in our respository (link). 

Media outlets and industry associations should contact us for any specialized analysis or charts that they need to help their members and readers understand how Coronavirus is affecting our industry. We are happy to put together custom charts based on our data for free to these groups (again all we ask is attribution). We will do the number crunching and give you finished charts and insights that you can use to inform your readers/members.

Finally, we are working to have time lapse graphics that show how this virus has impacted aviation in China, the United States, and Europe, as it spreads around the globe. Those charts and videos will be available shortly.

As always, we want to thank our thousands of ADS-B Radarbox Customers who are helping us to collect this data, our partners who help us analyze it, and our great team here at AirNav Systems who are working double duty to make sure our customers and partners get the insights they need to navigate this critical time. Without you, none of this would be possible.

We are also open to suggestions of other categories we should track and make available.
Send us your feedback at

We'll update this post as more data repositories become available to the public.



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