RadarBox is Different

Rich features, accurate statistics & data and company developed hardware

What differentiates AirNav RadarBox from its competition is what we call AirNav's 3 F's. Flexibility in dealing with each of our customers' requirements. Building Feature-rich and Future-ready products, while Focusing on customer satisfaction.

Andre Brandao

CEO, AirNav Systems

Flexibility & Affordability

Although we’re a technology company at our core, we understand people. From the large aerospace companies who love our service flexibility to the young student pilots, who get a free subscription on our platform, our approach has always been customer first & customer-centered.

Advanced Features

Airport Heat Maps, Aircraft Utilization Statistics, VHF Airband Audio, Fleet Tracker & Airport Tracker. What’s the one common thing in all of these different features? They’re features that you'll only find on RadarBox.

High-Quality Applications & Data

We’re constantly striving to engineer exceptional software and provide the most reliable flight data in the industry. In short – we take technology seriously.

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