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A quick look at the RadarBox Fleet Tracker.


The RadarBox Fleet Tracker is an all-in-one flight tracking solution that is designed for fleet operators and owners to manage their fleet of aircraft efficiently. The fleet tracker includes access to powerful filters, historical flight data, and the option to block a particular aircraft from public view while still being able to track it on your account. Owners can add up to 10 aircraft at no extra cost. Additional aircraft can be added in batches of 10 for a relatively inexpensive fee. What makes RadarBox's Fleet Tracker unique is its integration with other features in the AirNav ecosystem such as Satellite ADS-B and Airport View. With a low annual subscription fee, it's a deal that simply can't be passed up.


Fleet Tracker (Indigo Airlines)


What is it?

If you have a fleet of aircraft that you wish to track anytime, anywhere, quickly and economically, then the RadarBox Fleet Tracker is your all-in-one solution. RadarBox’s Fleet Tracker is like having your own personalized fleet control center which enables something we like to call “selective tracking”. Fleet Tracker eliminates the clutter of other aircraft around your fleet wherever they’re flying in the world, so that you can focus on your fleet and manage it efficiently. Fleet Tracker also comes packed with a host of neat features, layers and other crucial data to keep you always updated and help you make the best decisions as you manage your fleet.

Add up to 10 aircraft as part of your RadarBox Business account, and add the next set of 10 additional aircraft for $100/year. Aircraft can be added by entering their individual registration numbers. Satellite ADS-B tracking, as well as blocking from public view, are also integrated into a single dashboard to ensure a hassle-free experience while enabling or disabling features.


Fleet Tracker - Satellite map with weather layer



*Learn more about Satellite ADS-B here.



How to sign up for Fleet Tracker?

To register for this feature, you must first sign up for a Business account. Sign up for a business subscription here. Once your business subscription is confirmed, the Fleet Tracker option will be activated. The Fleet Tracker option can be found under the Business tab. Alternatively, click here to access the Fleet Tracker. 


Subscription page to register for a Business Account


To start tracking, enter your aircraft registration number and click the save button. It's that simple. You will be redirected to the map page where you'll be able to monitor your fleet instantly.


Fleet Tracker management page

Other features like Satellite ADS-B tracking and blocking aircraft from public view must be individually chosen for each aircraft in your fleet. As you enable or disable features, the cost will be automatically updated on the payment summary page. The costs displayed on this page are annual charges.


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