ADS-B Hardware

High Quality ADS-B Hardware Designed In-house

ADS-B Hardware

AirNav Systems is proud to keep all hardware development in house, guaranteeing high quality accurate flight tracking and being able to be flexible with different customer needs.

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AirNav’s flagship ADS-B receiver, featuring band filtering and an amplifier system for optimum reception. It ships with an ADS-B 1090 MHz outdoor antenna that has a reception range of 200-250 nautical miles. Also available for purchase is the Radarbox FlightStick – our portable ADS-B receiver dongle for both enthusiasts and aviation professionals.


Developed entirely by AirNav Systems, the XRange is RadarBox’s flagship standalone ADS-B receiver. It is the result of years of experience in the development and testing of flight tracking sensors in some of the world’s most challenging conditions.

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The all-new ADS-B FlightStick is RadarBox’s latest ADS-B receiver USB dongle. The receiver comes with major hardware improvements, which include an integrated filter, a preamplifier and built-in ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection. All of these changes translate into better performance and increased coverage.

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AirNav’s newest innovation is here. Introducing the Radarbox 978 MHz ADS-B FlightStick. With an integrated 978 MHz filter, built-in ESD protection and a preamplifier, our UAT USB Receiver is a one-stop solution to all your UAT 978 tracking needs. The 978 MHz ADS-B USB Receiver is ideally suited for tracking with a Raspberry Pi and customers can now track flights and feed 978 data to RadarBox in a breeze.

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The VHF Airband FlightStick is Radarbox’s first SDR USB receiver that has been developed for optimal Airband reception. It operates in the frequency range of 118 – 136 MHz, and the band used by air traffic controllers when they communicate with pilots. By operating within this frequency, the Airband FlightStick makes listening in to this conversation between ATC and pilots, possible.

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Omni Antenna fully optimized for long and short range ADS-B reception. It contains a 30 ft (10 meter) cable and SMA connector. Compatible with any AirNav RadarBox ADS-B receiver and with other suitable SMA connector receivers. It is used by thousands of RadarBox ADS-B sharing sensors in over 150 countries worldwide.


Omni Antenna fully optimized for long and short range ADS-B UAT 978 MHz reception with a 30 ft (10 meter) cable and SMA connector. Compatible with any AirNav RadarBox ADS-B receiver and with other suitable SMA connector receivers.



AirNav’s RadarBox MyStation dashboard has been developed for feeders who choose to share their ADS-B flight data with AirNav Systems.

Feeders using the dashboard can view their receiver’s range, uptime and tracked flights, as well as their feeder rank by country or receiver type.

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You do not need our ADS-B hardware to use our suite of applications. However, if you wish to improve coverage at a particular location (if operating from a remote location, for example), we will ship you a receiver to install on site, free of charge. We ship our receivers with all the equipment and accessories you need to get up and running, such as power sockets, ethernet and co-axial cables, and an antenna. All you need is a router or modem with a functional internet connection, and setting up the receiver takes less than 15 minutes.


RadarBox has coverage only in areas where a feeder volunteer has installed one of our ADS-B receivers or shares data with their Raspberry Pi or similar devices.

However, with new feeders added every day, our network is growing fast. Currently over 99% of European & US airspace is covered by ground stations. Asia, Africa and Australia have seen significant growth during the last years, with more feeder volunteers signing up and feeding ADS-B data to RadarBox.


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