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We have partnered with BrightCap Ventures, one of the leading pre/seed round financiers of innovative companies, to see if we can push the envelope of how companies use ADS-B data.

Selected start-ups will address the various challenges in the field of flight safety, ground and flight operations enhancements, aircraft health monitoring, aircraft operating conditions, UAV operations, and anti-UAV systems by utilizing innovative technology solutions that rely on ADS-B data.

The goal of such ventures should be to develop commercial applications of ADS-B data that will enhance aviation safety and/or develop meaningful insights for aviation/aerospace industry leaders. BrightCap Ventures seeks innovative technology companies that address solutions with large market potential.

The partnership aims to identify start-ups worldwide via a rigorous selection process that includes an in-depth review of each potential company, along with the product’s unique value proposition, market size, and potential competitors. AirNav Systems LLC will work closely with BrightCap Ventures during the review and evaluation process.

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