RadarBox and Neurored Alliance

AirNav Radarbox Announces

AirNav Systems and Neurored join forces

Neurored (https://neurored.com) is a robust, Salesforce-based TMS and SCM software with solutions for multimodal tracking, freight rates management, vendor management, and logistics optimization with complementary tools for managing terminal operations, process automation, and customer portals. The partnership between AirNav Systems and Neurored marks a significant collaboration within the aviation and supply chain management sectors. By merging AirNav Systems' expertise in flight data fusion and real-time flight tracking with Neurored's robust Salesforce-based TMS and SCM software, this partnership empowers organizations to optimize their supply chain operations, manage terminal activities efficiently, and enhance customer engagement through innovative solutions that are both reliable and data-driven.

"What differentiates AirNav RadarBox from its competition is what we call AirNav's 3 F's. Flexibility in dealing with each of our customers' requirements. Building Feature-rich and Future-ready products, while Focusing on customer satisfaction." Andre Brandao, CEO of AirNav Systems

Data Services

  • 1

    Real-time flight tracking:

    • Positional information obtained from 14 data sources.

    • Low update interval of 2-5 seconds.

    • Data available in multiple formats JSON, HTTPS).

    • Customizable and based on client requirements.

  • 2

    Real-time flight plan with flight status updates:

    • Data obtained from regional aviation authorities such as the FAA and Eurocontrol, as well as established aggregators.

    • Examples of data points include departure and arrival times (scheduled, estimated and actual), gate and runway times, route updates and diversions.

  • 3

    Data Analytics:

    • Data analytics, reports & other specific requests can be provided as per client requirements.

  • 4

    White-Labeling of AirNav Products:

    • Complete white labelling solutions available for all products including web & mobile applications.

    • Unique pricing options for every client.

  • 5

    Integration with Client Systems:

    • Seamless integration with clients systems.

    • Integration handled by a dedicated team specific to each client.

  • 6

    Historical Data with aircrafts movement:

    • Daily and weekly reports with flights that occurred during the previous day or week.

    • Customizable reports that include exact data points as required by client.

Our Flight Data is

  • Accurate

  • Reliable

  • Data Driven

  • Customizable

  • Affordable

  • Secure

Data Solutions

Your solutions, powered by AirNav data

Unleash the power of AirNav Data

Unlock the potential of your business with our Data Solutions. From tracking and analysis to predictive modeling and API integrations, we tailor our services to your unique requirements. With us, data becomes more than just information; it becomes a strategic asset that drives growth, efficiency, and innovation. Experience the difference today and embark on a data-driven journey to success with us.

  • On-Demand API

    Our Credit-per-Query on-Demand API lets client applications access both real-time and historical flight data on an as-needed volume basis.

  • Real-time DataStream API

    Choose from 100+ data fields and stream-real-time data from any of our 7 customizable data feeds.

  • Raw ADS-B DataStream API

    Stream raw, unprocessed ADS-B data in real-time, with updates, delivered every 1 second.

  • Custom Reports

    Generate custom reports on-demand or simply request a report from our dedicated data team.

Available Flight Data Source

  • 1

    Ground ADS-B (1090 MHz)

    Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast

  • 2

    UAT (978 MHz)

    Universal Access transceivers on the 978 MHz band

  • 3

    Satellite ADS-B

    ADS-B from Space

  • 4

    FAA Radar

    SWIM derived US, Canada, Atlantic/Pacific

  • 5


    Flight Plans to/from Europe and overflights

  • 6



  • 7


    Oceanic based (Atlantic/Pacific) position reports

  • 8


    Satellite position reports integration

  • 9

    FAA Flight Plans

    Flight Plan data for the FAA SWIM region

  • 10


    HF Datalink position reports

  • 11


    Comercial departure/arrival information for airlines

  • 12


    Surface Movement Radar

  • 13

    Australia ANSP

    Position reports from AirServices Australia

  • 14


    Traffic Awareness and Collision avoidance for General Aviation

A Name You Can Trust

A reliable aviation data provider

Think Aviation Data, Think AirNav Systems

Elevate your logistics operations with AirNav’s reliable data services. With a proven track record, we offer real-time flight insights, historical data, and more, ensuring airlines and aviation service providers have the critical information they need for seamless, efficient operations. Backed by the trust of professionals worldwide, our data solutions empower you to make informed decisions and navigate the skies with confidence.

  • Unparalleled Global ADS-B Coverage

    As the owners and operators of one the largest ADS-B networks in the world and a rapidly growing feeder base, you'll find our receivers tracking you wherever you fly, whenever you fly.

  • Intelligent Data-Driven Solutions

    Our data driven solutions and visual tools help you gain actionable insights that can drive change in terms of increased efficiency, performance and predictability.

  • World Class Technical Infrastructure

    Because we believe reliability is paramount to the success of our clients, all of our services run on enterprise class servers, thereby enabling high availability with uptimes of 99.9% and almost no processing delays.

  • Broad Range Of Flight Tracking Services

    From our Flight Data and Analytics Solutions to our ADS-B Hardware, AirNav Systems offers a broad range of customizable solutions that can help take your business to the next level.

  • Agile and Dedicated Team

    Our customer focused team of professionals act and execute fast with the aim of minimizing delays and getting the job done quickly. Also, no other competitor offers 24 x 7 x 365 customer support. Moreover, our team has a solid aviation background.

  • The Trusted Industry Leader

    AirNav Systems is an industry trailblazer with over 15 years of experience in the flight tracking industry. Our customers include government agencies, large aerospace companies, airports and airlines. Keeping our customers satisfied is our number one priority.

  • 2-5 sec

    Data Update Intervals

  • 14

    Live Flight Data Sources

  • 100+

    Data Field Options

  • 99.5%

    SLA Guarantee

  • 99%

    Positional Data Accuracy

  • Customizable

    Data fields & feeds

  • Redundancy

    Of Data Feeds ensuring high availability

  • Unique

    Pricing options for every client

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