AirNav RadarBox Highlights Impressive Global ADS-B Coverage

We are very keen to show you our developments in terms of coverage due to us investing more into this business, so let's get into it:

The image above: Our ADS-B Coverage in North & Central America

We are also proud to say that RadarBox provides 100% ADS-B Coverage across North America and Central America, with a heavy number of feeders supplying that much-needed valuable and accurate data that we need to thrive!

For the high-density airports that there are in the U.S, Mexico, and beyond, the feeders in that region are doing an amazing job with such coverage, and we can track aircraft by the second!

The Image Above: Our ADS-B Coverage in Europe

Our ADS-B coverage in Europe is something quite impressive, with the entire continent heavily covered, particularly in the UK, Germany, Poland, and Italy. 

The image above: Our ADS-B Coverage in South Africa

We start off with our coverage in South Africa, where we are not far away from having complete and full coverage in the country spanning higher than 20,000 feet!

Even then, in the country, we have a lot of coverage from below 500 feet onwards, which is significantly impressive at this stage.

The image above: Our ADS-B Coverage in India

Another great example of our impressive coverage comes from India, where it is completely covered for ADS-B, which is an achievement we are very proud of. Amazing thanks to our feeders in India for helping us get to this stage!

The image above: Our ADS-B Coverage in South America

Over in South America, we are making excellent progress of providing full coverage with the country of Brazil nearly covered, which considering how large and vast the country is, it's something we are pleased about! 

Areas we are looking at are more in Colombia, areas of Argentina and Chile for this region.

The image above: Our ADS-B Coverage in Australia & New Zealand

Another region where we have full coverage is in Australia and New Zealand, where again, the coverage is solid, strong, and accurate. 

The image above: Our ADS-B Coverage in South-East Asia & China

The final area this post will look at is South-East Asia and China, where again, we have full coverage across that region, especially in China, where we see thousands of domestic flights on the radar screen every day!

This post signifies the extreme amount of work done with our feeders to ensure maximum accuracy and coverage globally.

The image above: AirNav RadarBox global ADS-B network

The team at AirNav RadarBox would like to thank our feeders for all of their time, effort, and work in making this an incredible reality for us.

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