Tracking Helicopters With RadarBox

Helicopters tracked via 

With AirNav RadarBox's advanced map filtering options, displaying exactly what you want to see on the tracking map is easy. In this blog post, we will how to filter and track helicopters. Continue reading our blog post to learn more about this filter provided by RadarBox!

How to track helicopters with RadarBox

Visit, then click the "Filters", option on the right sidebar.

Helicopters tracked via 

Locate the "Aircraft Class" filter option and click on that. After that, a list of aircraft types/classes will be displayed, including helicopters. Select "Helicopter" and deactivate the remaining options. You can even disable this filter or clean it by clicking on "Clean," located at the top of the Filters tab.

For example, we've spotted a Eurocopter EC130 (N894PA) flying over La Vegas at 2525 feet.

Helicopters tracked via 

RadarBox Apps

Filters are also available on our apps. Tap on the "Filters" option located in the bottom bar of the RadarBox apps. 

RadarBox Apps (Aircraft Class Filter) 

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