AirNav RadarBox Feature of the Week: Push Notifications

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This week's AirNav RadarBox feature focuses on Push Notifications. With this feature, you'll be able to receive notifications on your device each time an event (departure, approach, or landing) is triggered by any flight, aircraft, and so on. In addition, you create and manage notifications that will sync them between all your devices and on 

How to use Push Notifications on

The push notification feature, visible as a bell icon, is located on the top menu of the RadarBox website. You can select any flight on the map and click on "Notifications," - and you'll see the option to create a push notification on the flight card located on the left side of the RadarBox website.

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Step 1 - Clicking on the "Notifications" button will display a list of events for a flight, such as when a specific flight lands or takes off. These are called events. A notification is triggered when an event occurs. 

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Step 2 - A tab "Manage" will be opened to add or create a Push Notification for a particular aircraft, airline, flight, aircraft type, aircraft class (commercial, cargo, etc.), etc. Then you can choose to receive alerts and notifications via email.

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Step 3 - After entering the required information into each field, click on "Create notification".

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Step 4 - To manage your notifications, click on the bell icon on the top menu. 

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RadarBox App

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Step 1 - When you open the RadarBox app, at the top of your device's screen, you will find a bell symbol. Simply click on it.

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Step 2 - Next enter the event information you intend to search, go to "Create notification".

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Additionally, you can select a flight, pulling up the flight bar, and selecting "Notify me when the flight lands" option.

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