ATC & AirNav RadarBox: Augusto Tadeu

Augusto, Brazilian ATC, and AirNav RadarBox user 

Augusto Tadeu is a Brazilian air traffic controller who uses AirNav RadarBox in his daily work as an ATC in Brazil. His career in aviation started 7 years ago in 2015, after he completed the air traffic controller training course the year before at Instituto de Controle do Espaço Aéreo (ICEA), São José dos Campos, Brazil. His passion, however, began a few years earlier when he worked at a car rental that required him to go to the airport frequently.

"From then on, I started looking for more information about a career in aviation, and that's when I discovered the ATC course. And without fully knowing what the 'Air Traffic Controller' job entailed, I took the selection exam and passed and was summoned a few years later, in 2014, for the training course in São José dos Campos", he says.

And how RadarBox help you in your daily work?

Augusto further says, "Nowadays, we can track whether a particular aircraft has taken off or is about to take off on RadarBox. It is a reliable source for us, including information about the aircraft itself, such as registration, type, model, speed, altitude, and other relevant information." 

Brazilian airspace tracked via

And what about the work of an ATC?

"Daily life in aviation always brings something new. No two days are the same and every traffic situation differs from the other in many ways. That's why working in aviation is so fascinating; there is always something new. There are always new situations that require new responses and, most of the time, immediate responses to solve problems, providing safety and agility to air traffic. To achieve this, we must constantly refine, study, and put into practice the rules that always tend to change in the search for aviation improvements, with the focus on safety.", says Augusto.  

Photo courtesy of Augusto Tadeu

Photo courtesy of Augusto Tadeu

On how one can become an air traffic controller in Brazil, he says, "Aviation is fascinating. It's like receiving a call for an important mission, and it is not an easy journey, but it's certainly a path that you can follow successfully. Currently, there are two ways to become an air traffic controller in Brazil, the first is through a selection process promoted by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), and the second is for civilians through a company that provides air traffic service. My tip is to stay tuned to the novelties in this area."

Photo courtesy of Augusto Tadeu

Photo Source: @Mdrsvictor on Instagram 

RadarBox currently provides two tools: Airport View and Fleet Tracker, designed especially for ATCs worldwide.

Airport View

This versatile tool displays the inbound and outbound flight traffic of a single airport, including scheduled and actual arrival and departure times, all in a single window. Users can also choose to overlay the live map with weather and arrival/departure cards for a complete management experience.

Airport View by AirNav RadarBox

Fleet tracker 

AirNav’s Fleet Tracker is an all-in-one dashboard to monitor and manage a fleet of aircraft - it only displays the aircraft that the owner chooses to monitor, hiding all others from view.

The tracker also includes weather, map, altitude, and source filters, as well as historical flight data and the option to block or unblock a particular aircraft from being tracked.

Fleet tracker provided by AirNav RadarBox

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