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Filter Presets displayed on 

To enhance your flight tracking experience, has recently introduced and released a new feature called "Filter Presets". This feature allows you to take your currently applied filters and save them as a preset. 

With the Filter Presets, you can easily enable or disable a preset to turn on or off all the filters that you have assigned to it. Additionally, you can rename the preset and update it with a new filter configuration or save a new one. This feature provides greater flexibility and ease of use when filtering data on

All users can access this feature: Free accounts can create 1 filter preset, Spotter accounts can create 2, Pilot accounts can create 5, and Business accounts can create up to 10 filter presets.

Select the "Filters" option on the website's right side to use Filters Presets. After that, select a filter option.

Filter Presets displayed on 

A key feature that makes RadarBox stand out from other flight-tracking services is our extensive filtering options, which allow users to customize their tracking experience according to their preferences.

One of the essential filters that RadarBox offers is the ability to filter flights by their type. For example, users can filter out military, cargo, or private flights and focus only on commercial flights. This is particularly useful for those interested in tracking specific airlines or types of aircraft.

Another key filter option in RadarBox is the ability to filter flights by their altitude. This allows users to track flights at different altitudes, from low-flying planes to those cruising at high altitudes. Additionally, users can filter flights by speed, allowing them to track flights that are moving faster or slower than the average.

RadarBox also offers various geographical filters, allowing users to focus on flights in a specific region or country. Users can filter flights by their origin, destination, or airline operating the flight. 

Filter Presets displayed on 

In the screenshot, we've filtered out all United Airlines flights. After selecting the filter, select the "Save Current Filter As New Set" option. Done!

Filter Presets displayed on 

Then give a name for this filter set and confirm it. As shown in the example above, we named it "United Airlines."

Filter Presets displayed on 

When you save a filter preset, it will be available when filtering. You can also choose from our different filter options on the map to apply the preset or make further adjustments. The saved filter preset will be displayed and ready to use.

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