ICAO’s Global Tracking Initiative

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What does the mandate state?

The ICAO mandate that came into effect on Nov 8, 2018, requires aircraft over MTOW 45,500 kg & with more than 19 seats to report their position every 15 minutes, for the portions of the flight where air traffic services obtain aircraft position information at greater than 15-minute intervals. Previously, this was required every 60 minutes for aircraft that met the above conditions. The mandate also requires tracking to take place in all other regions where the local ATS gets position information at greater than 15-minute intervals. 

Currently, the ICAO is in the process of identifying geographical areas where tracking is required and this information would be made available to operators graphically online. This requirement came about shortly after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in March 2014.

Read the official mandate here - ICAO Global Tracking Initiatives

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How does it affect you?

The new mandate is not applicable to and does not affect all types of aircraft. It is only applicable to large aircraft over 45,000 kg and with more than 19 seats that are unable to report their positions in areas where air traffic services are unable to obtain aircraft position information every 15 minutes or less. These areas generally include oceanic waters, remote areas, etc.

If these conditions apply to your aircraft, you would then be required to comply with this mandate.

Additionally, the ICAO necessitates that the reporting of flight positions must be done automatically. And, although a preferred method has not been specified, it can be safely assumed that aircraft owners will need to sign up with a flight tracking provider.


How can you ensure compliance?

Purchasing and setting up your own tracking equipment could potentially mean higher costs and lost time due to maintenance. That’s where the RadarBox suite of applications can help.

Not only does RadarBox have an extensive network of land-based ADS-B network receivers, but with the launch of Satellite ADS-B tracking in 2018/2019, you can be assured of 100% global air traffic surveillance regardless of terrain, location or infrastructure. Tracking is not affected by weather or other natural phenomenon, and Satellite ADS-B will be able to provide a more complete picture to the users on the ground. Moreover, aircraft are not required to have any special equipment on board their aircraft or fleet other than an ADS-B out transponder. 


So why use RadarBox’s Application Suite:


RadarBox Fleet Tracker

RadarBox’s fleet tracker allows something we like to call “selective tracking”. Fleet tracker eliminates the “clutter” of other aircraft around your fleet wherever they’re flying in the world so that you can focus on your fleet and managing it efficiently.

Fleet tracker also comes packed with a host of neat features, layers and other crucial data to keep you always updated and help you make the best decisions as you manage your fleet.

Malaysia Airlines Fleet Tracker View (Terrain Map)


Malaysia Airlines Fleet Tracker View (Satellite & Weather)


Fleet Tracker Features

Learn more about Satellite ADS-B and how we plan on achieving 100% true global coverage. 


Registration & Sign Up

Tracking your fleet is easier than ever with our brand new web user interface.  To access this feature, you must first sign up for a Business account. Once your Business subscription is confirmed, the "Fleet Tracker" option will be made active. The “Fleet Tracker” option can be found under the Business tab.

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To start tracking, enter your aircraft registration(s) / tail-number(s) and click the save button. That’s it! You should be able to monitor your fleet instantly.

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