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RadarBox Airport View explained!

What is it?

RadarBox’s Airport View has been designed around the needs and requirements of aircraft owners, FBO’s, charter companies and other aviation-related businesses such as airports that are involved with airport traffic operations. Airport View primarily displays incoming and outgoing flight traffic of a single airport. In addition, other features like live weather, and separate arrival and departure cards make it one of the most versatile amongst all of the existing tools currently out there on the market.


Airport View (Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore - VOBL)


The customizability options with Airport View are unmatched. Users can choose up to 6 different maps and overlay them with numerous layers such as the weather layer, ATC boundaries layer and a day/night layer. Airport View can also serve as an information system to display flight arrival and departure information in airport lounges and waiting areas while passengers wait for their flights.


Airport View (Customized Dark Map - KJFK)


Passengers can also see other standard flight information like:

Airport View comes included with your Business account subscription and doesn't have a complicated setup process. Its flexibility with regard to customization is just another great reason why Airport View is the best choice to track your airport flight traffic. 




Airport View - Satellite Map with weather overlay


How to sign up for Airport View?

To register for this feature, you must first sign up for a Business account. Sign up for a Business subscription here. Once your
Business subscription is confirmed, the "Airport View" option will be activated. The “Airport View” option can be found under the Business tab. Alternatively, click here to it. 



Business Account Subscription Page

To begin tracking using Airport View, enter the name, ICAO or IATA code of the airport or and click the save button. You will be able to monitor all inbound and outbound air traffic immediately.

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