A Wizzair’s crew managed to rescue and fly an A320 out of Ukraine

The European low-cost airline Wizz Air has managed to rescue an Airbus A320 aircraft out from Ukraine.

A Wizzair A320 (reg. HA-LWS) has taken off from the Ukrainian city of Lviv and landed in Katowice, Poland. According to information, Wizz Air still has three other Airbus A320 aircraft stuck in Ukraine since the start of Russia’s invasion of the country (HA-LWY, HA-LPJ, HA-LPM).

Russian forces have never tried to put troops into Lviv, but the city has come under missile attack. One of the biggest obstacles facing Wizz Air flying its aircraft out of Ukraine was the fact that the country’s airspace was closed to all civilian air traffic at the very start of the conflict. Pilots switched transponder on once the aircraft crossed the border.

An airline spokesperson told Insider: “Wizz Air confirms that, following an in-depth risk assessment and thorough preparation, it's one aircraft based in Lviv departed from Danylo Halytskyi International Airport and successfully landed in Katowice on 13 Sep 2022.” - Comments him. 


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