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6.06 TBytes
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Global Ranking RadarBox XRange2 Raspberry Pi
First ConnectedstationCountryCityCountryStatusMax. Range (NM)Avg. Range (NM)Coverage %
3 weeks agoPGANRB600102United StatesTemecula, CAUnited States, Temecula, CALive23314960%
1 month agoPGANRB600099MozambiqueMaputoMozambique, MaputoLive722410%
3 months agoPGANRB600098United KingdomMonktonUnited Kingdom, MonktonLive1217128%
4 months agoPGANRB600096New ZealandWellingtonNew Zealand, WellingtonLive1919839%
6 months agoPGANRB600095DenmarkBillundDenmark, BillundLive19210140%
6 months agoPGANRB600055United StatesGainesville, GAUnited States, Gainesville, GALive1505422%
7 months agoPGANRB600040United StatesHilo, HIUnited States, Hilo, HILive25014960%
8 months agoPGANRB600087SwitzerlandRümlangSwitzerland, RümlangLiveMLAT24515562%
8 months agoPGANRB600065United Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates, Abu DhabiLive49917871%
8 months agoPGANRB600064United Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates, Abu DhabiLive499263105%
8 months agoPGANRB600063United Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates, Abu DhabiLive49121486%
8 months agoPGANRB600072United StatesLafayette, LAUnited States, Lafayette, LALive38208%
8 months agoPGANRB600086FranceSaussanFrance, SaussanLiveMLAT21013755%
9 months agoPGANRB600068United StatesHeber City, UTUnited States, Heber City, UTLive1468132%
9 months agoPGANRB600067United Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates, Abu DhabiLive49715562%
9 months agoPGANRB600027United StatesHillsboro, ORUnited States, Hillsboro, ORLive1445522%
10 months agoPGANRB600062United StatesHolland, MIUnited States, Holland, MILive25320984%
11 months agoPGANRB600069United StatesWaterford Township, MIUnited States, Waterford Township, MILive22013454%
11 months agoPGANRB600025United StatesCorpus Christi, TXUnited States, Corpus Christi, TXLive26320582%
1 year agoPGANRB600058SwitzerlandOberglattSwitzerland, OberglattLiveMLAT17911446%
1 year agoPGANRB600016United StatesTuscaloosa, ALUnited States, Tuscaloosa, ALLive33418273%
1 year agoPGANRB600047GuyanaGeorgetownGuyana, GeorgetownLive1144317%
1 year agoPGANRB600010IndiaMumbaiIndia, MumbaiLive612510%
1 year agoPGANRB600012IndiaMumbaiIndia, MumbaiLive20211948%
1 year agoPGANRB600015United StatesWheeling, ILUnited States, Wheeling, ILLive26213454%
1 year agoPGANRB600028United StatesOpa-locka, FLUnited States, Opa-locka, FLLive1055120%
1 year agoPGANRB600033United StatesBismarck, NDUnited States, Bismarck, NDLive18810040%
1 year agoPGANRB600022IcelandKeflavíkIceland, KeflavíkLive32519980%
1 year agoPGANRB600019DenmarkOdenseDenmark, OdenseLive26221084%
1 year agoPGANRB600032PortugalPonte de SorPortugal, Ponte de SorLive43520682%
1 year agoPGANRB600008United StatesCincinnati, OHUnited States, Cincinnati, OHLive21114257%
2 years agoPGANRB600005United StatesFulton County, GAUnited States, Fulton County, GALive1797831%
2 years agoPGANRB600004United KingdomHarlingtonUnited Kingdom, HarlingtonLive23013855%
2 years agoPGANRB600002BrazilRibeirão Preto, SPBrazil, Ribeirão Preto, SPLive23313956%

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