Flight Emergency Joins Our Ecosystem

AirNav RadarBox &  Flight Emergency

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership in the aviation industry: Flight Emergency, with almost 200.000 followers on X, is now an integral part of our ecosystem. This collaboration brings together two leading entities dedicated to advancing aviation safety and preparedness, and we couldn't be more excited about the possibilities it presents.

Who is Flight Emergency?

Flight Emergency is highly known for its comprehensive coverage of aviation emergencies and incidents. It has become a go-to resource for journalists, crew members, industry professionals, and aviation enthusiasts worldwide. 

Visit Flight Emergency on Page X to explore their latest content and reports powered by our data. 

Leveraging Our Data for Greater Impact

What sets this partnership apart is Flight Emergency's utilization of our data on their platform. Our extensive database of aviation incidents, accidents, and safety-related data is now integrated into Flight Emergency's posts and reports. This collaboration enhances the depth and accuracy of their content, providing readers with invaluable insights derived from our rich repository of information.

Widely Used by the Industry and Media Outlets

Flight Emergency's page, available on X, is widely recognized and utilized by media outlets, industry professionals, regulatory bodies, and aviation enthusiasts. Its reputation for accuracy, reliability, and timeliness makes it a trusted source of information for anyone seeking insights into aviation emergencies and incidents.

What This Means for You

As a reader and follower of Flight Emergency, this partnership brings several key benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Access a wealth of information on aviation emergencies and incidents, enhanced by our data-driven insights.

  2. Timely Updates: Stay informed about the latest aviation safety and preparedness developments, with real-time reporting on incidents and accidents.

  3. Enhanced Reliability: Benefit from the combined expertise of Flight Emergency and our platform, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in the information provided.

AirNav RadarBox in numbers

  1. +2 Million Users in over 190 countries.
  2. 34,296 ADS-B stations in more than 189 countries. 
  3. 5.723 Billion ADS-B messages per day  | 6.33 TBytes bandwidth used during the last 30 days.
  4. +12 different data sources (Including ADS-B, Space-based ADS-B, FAA SWIM, Eurocontrol, etc.).

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For media inquiries, contact: 

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Communications & Marketing Manager, AirNav Systems
Office: +1 (813) 321-7834 | Mobile: +1 (813) 321-7834
Email: [email protected] | Website: www.radarbox.com


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