Edelweiss To Replace Its A340 Fleet With A350-900s

Edelweiss -  Airbus A350-900

Edelweiss, the leisure airline operating under the Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) group, has announced its intention to upgrade its fleet by replacing its current Airbus A340s with newer Airbus A350-900s that were previously in service with LATAM.

Starting from the summer of 2025, these six A350s will gradually integrate into Edelweiss' fleet, ultimately replacing the existing Airbus A340-300s by the conclusion of 2026.

Bernd Bauer, Edelweiss' CEO, emphasized the significance of this long-haul fleet modernization, stating, "The modernization of the long-haul fleet is a milestone in Edelweiss' almost 30-year history." With the retirement of the A340s, Edelweiss will operate "one of the youngest long-haul fleets in Europe."

Lufthansa, the parent company of Edelweiss, has expanded its fleet by acquiring four pre-owned Airbus A350-900 aircraft. These aircraft, registered as D-AIVA, D-AIVB, D-AIVC, and D-AIVD, were formerly in service with Philippine Airlines and integrated into Lufthansa's operations between March and May 2022.

Eldelweiss fleet tracked via RadarBox.com 


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