AirNav RadarBox Installs First ADS-B Receiver at the North Pole

Andre Brandao, AirNav RadarBox CEO at North Pole

NORTH POLE - AirNav RadarBox has achieved a significant milestone by installing a temporary ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) receiver at the North Pole. This remarkable accomplishment reinforces the company's commitment to improving ADS-B Coverage worldwide, even in remote regions, including the North & South Poles. 

With this innovative addition to our network, AirNav provided real-time flight tracking and surveillance even in the most extreme and isolated environments. This is a game-changer for the aviation industry, ensuring safer and more efficient flights in previously difficult-to-monitor areas.

North Pole Map 

What is ADS-B?

Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast is a surveillance technology and a form of Electronic Conspicuity where an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation or other sensors and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked.

How It Works

In simple terms, an aircraft equipped with a Mode S ADS-B Transponder sends signals containing its flight information, like speed, position, and registration. These signals are known as "ADS-B Messages" or "ADS-B Reports." On the ground or in satellites, ADS-B receivers catch these messages. They decode the information and send it to our servers. RadarBox servers then process this data and make it available for display on our website and app. This way, our technology lets users track and monitor flights in real-time.

How ADS-B Works

The installation of the ADS-B receiver at the North Pole is a testament to AirNav RadarBox's dedication to pushing the boundaries of flight tracking technology. This strategic move will elevate the global flight monitoring standard as air traffic grows, especially in polar routes.

This achievement reinforces AirNav RadarBox's position as a leader & disrupter in the flight tracking space. By continually pushing for technological excellence, our company empowers the aviation community with reliable data and cutting-edge tools to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency in air travel.

The first ADS-B station installed at the North Pole

Le Commandant Charcot ADS-B Station tracking Finnair AY62 from Tokyo Haneda to Helsinki

Flights tracked directly from the North Pole 

Finnair flight FIN73 from Helsinki to Tokyo Narita tracked over the North Pole 

Emirates flights EK229 & EK225 tracked directly from the Artic 

Finnair AY62 from Tokyo Haneda to Helsinki tracked via 

Finnair flight AY68 from Osaka to Helsinki tracked via

ADS-B & AIS Station

AirNav RadarBox & ShipXplorer ADS-B & AIS Station Installed at Ship Le Commandant Charcot 

Additionally, a temporary AIS receiver has been installed as well through our ShipXplorer division, further expanding AIS tracking capabilities in the Arctic region.

EXTRPI548313 ADS-B Station 

The installation of these cutting-edge receivers not only benefits AirNav RadarBox customers but contributes to increasing safety and tracking capabilities.


Le Commandant Charcot (IMO 9846249) at Svalbard - Photo Credit: Andre Brandao -

On July 10, 2023, our team and CEO Andre Brandao embarked on a remarkable journey onboard the famous icebreaking cruise ship, Le Commandant Charcot. Operated by the esteemed French shipping company Compagnie du Ponant, this vessel is a tribute to the legendary French polar scientist Jean-Baptiste Charcot. Its journey to the Arctic began after being constructed at the Vard Tulcea shipyard in Romania and finalized with outfitting in Søviknes, culminating in its delivery in 2021.

Le Commandant Charcot (IMO 9846249)

Onboard Le Commandant Charcot (IMO 9846249)

Onboard Le Commandant Charcot (IMO 9846249)

Polar Bears

Polar bear walking in the Arctic

As we journeyed through the vast expanse of the North Pole onboard Le Commandant Charcot, an unforgettable sight captured our attention – a polar bear standing alone amidst the icy wilderness. It was a poignant moment, witnessing this magnificent creature in its natural habitat, navigating the frozen terrain gracefully and resiliently.

North Pole

Helicopters at the North Pole

Helicopter landing on the helipad of Le Commandant Charcot

The polar bear's solitary presence reminded us of the harsh realities of life in the Arctic. In this remote and unforgiving environment, these majestic beings have adapted to survive against all odds. Their ability to thrive in such extreme conditions is a testament to the wonders of nature and the importance of preserving their fragile ecosystem.

Helicopter landing on the helipad of Le Commandant Charcot

Helicopter landing on the helipad of Le Commandant Charcot

Helicopter landing on the helipad of Le Commandant Charcot

Le Commandant Charcot and Russian icebreaker 50 Years of Victory Extend a Message of Peace At the North Pole

The voyage was not just a typical cruise but a symbolic encounter of peace at the North Pole. Le Commandant Charcot had a historic meeting with the Russian Arktika-class nuclear-powered icebreaker - 50 Years of Victory. Amidst the backdrop of ongoing tensions during the Russia-Ukraine war, this meeting held a profound significance as both ships exchanged "waves of peace", fostering a message of harmony in the far reaches of the North Pole. Click here to read more about this historic moment!

Le Commandant Charcot & 50 Years of Victory at the North Pole

Installing ADS-B at the North Pole: A Milestone for AirNav RadarBox

On July 17, 2023, during our voyage with Le Commandant Charcot, AirNav RadarBox accomplished an industry-defining feat. We successfully installed the first and temporary ADS-B station and XRange 2 receiver at the North Pole, enabling real-time tracking of flights over the Arctic, those traveling from Europe, the USA, and flights between Asia and Europe or the Middle East and the USA.

Andre Brandao, AirNav RadarBox CEO at North Pole

The first ADS-B station installed at the North Pole

The Xrange 2 is a receiver renowned for its efficiency and ease of setup. It has all the necessary components, including inbuilt filters for effective band filtering and a preamplifier for extended range. The XRange 2 has earned accolades from enthusiasts and professionals for its ability to track flights accurately and reliably.

Discover the AirNav RadarBox store and our ADS-B hardware-focused products by clicking here.

AirNav RadarBox Xrange 2 ADS-B receiver

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The Impact of Our Milestone

This momentous installation significantly improves flight tracking capabilities in remote regions, including the Arctic, where monitoring flights was once daunting. AirNav RadarBox's commitment to enhancing ADS-B technology ensures safer and more efficient air travel for passengers and peace of mind for airlines and air traffic controllers. Read more about our satellite-based ADS-B by clicking here. 

Commenting on this momentous achievement, Andre, a representative of AirNav Systems, stated, "We are thrilled to be the first flight-tracking solution provider to install a temporary ADS-B & AIS receiver at the North Pole. This accomplishment is a testament to our commitment to advancing aviation technology and providing unparalleled tracking services in even the most challenging environments."

AirNav Systems

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