Airbus Reports Robust Orders and Deliveries for May 2024

Alex Cheban, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Airbus has announced its commercial aircraft orders and deliveries for May 2024, showcasing a steady performance in the aerospace market. Here is a detailed look at the latest numbers:

May 2024 Deliveries

In May 2024, Airbus delivered 53 aircraft to 34 different customers. The breakdown of these deliveries is as follows:

  • A220 Series
    • A220-100: 1 delivery to Air Lease Corp for ITA Airways.
    • A220-300: 5 deliveries, including:
      • 1 to JetBlue Airways
      • 1 to lessor Azorra for Breeze Airways
      • 1 to Delta Air Lines
      • 1 to Air France
      • 1 to lessor NAS Aviation Services for Air Transat
  • A320neo Family
    • A320neo: 19 deliveries to various airlines and lessors:
      • 2 each to easyJet, FlyNAS, and Spirit Airlines
      • 1 each to IndiGo, Wizz Air, lessor Avolon for FlyArystan, Lufthansa for Eurowings, lessor AerCap for Aegean Airlines, lessor CALC for Air India, JetSmart Chile, SAS, Azul, ANA for Peach, ICBC Leasing for China Southern Airlines, Accipiter for Sky Express, and NAS Aviation Services for Transavia
    • A321neo: 22 deliveries, with recipients including:
      • 2 each to United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Wizz Air, and Delta Air Lines
      • 1 each to Gulf Air, Air Lease Corp for ITA Airways, IndiGo, lessor Avolon for LATAM Airlines Brasil, lessor CALC for China Southern Airlines, Jet2, JetBlue Airways, Pegasus Airlines, Air Lease Corp for Transavia, Aegean Airlines, Air Lease Corp for LATAM Airlines, NAS Aviation Services for Transavia, Qantas Airways for JetStar, and lessor AerCap for LATAM Airlines
  • A330neo
    • A330-900: 2 deliveries to NAS Aviation Services for ITA Airways and Condor.
  • A350 Family
    • A350-900: 3 deliveries to Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, and NAS Aviation Services for Air France.
    • A350-1000: 1 delivery to Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Gross Orders for May 2024

Airbus also reported 27 new gross orders in May 2024:

  • 7 orders for the A321neo from Nordic Aviation Capital.
  • 20 orders for the A330-900 from an undisclosed customer.

Year-to-Date Performance

As of the end of May 2024, Airbus had made 256 deliveries to 58 different customers. This consistent performance underscores AAirbus's strong market presence and ability to meet the diverse needs of its global customer base.

Industry Impact

Airbus' performance in May 2024 highlights the ongoing demand for modern, efficient aircraft across various market segments. The significant number of deliveries, particularly within the A320neo and A321neo families, reflects the aviation industry's continued recovery and growth. Moreover, the substantial order for 20 A330-900s from an undisclosed customer indicates confidence in the long-term prospects of wide-body aircraft suitable for long-haul and high-capacity routes. As airlines worldwide strive to modernize their fleets and improve fuel efficiency, AAirbus' innovative aircraft continue to play a crucial role in achieving these goals. The company's ability to secure new orders and deliver aircraft on schedule is a testament to its resilience and adaptability in a dynamic market.

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