Air Canada Orders 18 Boeing 787-10s

Air Canada Boeing 787-10 - Source: Boeing

In a pivotal move towards modernization, expansion, and environmental responsibility, Air Canada has announced its decision to bolster its fleet with an order for 18 Boeing 787-10 widebody jets and an enticing option for an additional 12 aircraft. This strategic choice aligns seamlessly with Air Canada's overarching mission to revamp its fleet, curtail carbon emissions, and expand its global network of routes. The selection of the 787 Dreamliner family for this ambitious endeavor was driven by its exceptional environmental performance, remarkable range, adaptability, and shared characteristics across its various models. The eco-conscious 787 Dreamliner is poised to cut CO2 emissions by 25%, harmonizing perfectly with Air Canada's sustainability objectives. As the airline aims to augment its presence internationally in established and emerging markets, it is set to harness the Dreamliner family's route versatility and economic efficiency.

Air Canada fleet tracked via 

Air Canada presently operates a fleet comprising 38 787s, including the 787-8 and 787-9 variants. With the acquisition of the 787 10, the family's most prominent member, the airline is primed to accommodate a maximum of 336 passengers while effortlessly traversing distances of up to 6,330 nautical miles.

This decision to invest in the 787 Dreamliner family signifies more than just an evolution in Air Canada's operational capabilities; it also contributes significantly to economic growth and job creation within the Canadian aviation sector. Boeing's extensive Canadian supply chain boasts a roster of over 550 suppliers, with a substantial number actively participating in the 787 program.

Since its introduction in 2011, the 787 family has been instrumental in pioneering over 370 new nonstop routes across the globe and has garnered the trust of 87 customers who have placed an impressive 1,760 orders. This past year has witnessed a surge in demand for these remarkable aircraft. The adaptability of the Dreamliner family is evident from the fact that nearly half of all operators choose to fly more than one variant, and a select few airlines operate all three.

In summary, Air Canada's investment in the Boeing 787-10 fleet is a bold step towards a more sustainable, efficient, and globally connected future, with the bonus of fortifying Canada's position in the aviation industry. The dream of a greener tomorrow takes flight with every 787 that graces the skies.


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