From Office to Cockpit: Andre Brandao, AirNav RadarBox CEO, Shares His Experiences At Imperial College London

Andre Brandao (Airline Pilot & AirNav RadarBox CEO)

Renowned for academic excellence, Imperial College London recently hosted Andre Brandao, CEO of AirNav RadarBox, who shared his remarkable journey as the CEO of AirNav. The session profoundly impacted the students, inspiring them to pursue paths and careers in aviation.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the top public universities in the world. It is currently ranked #6 in QS World University Rankings 2023.

Imperial College London

Andre taking a selfie at Imperial College in London

With an impressive background as a Captain and TRI/TRE at euroAtlantic Airways in Portugal, Andre has amassed a total flight time of 7500 hours. He is experienced on both Boeing 777/787 and Boeing 767/757 aircraft, making him a seasoned aviator with vast knowledge and experience in the aviation industry.

As a guest speaker at Imperial College London, Andre Brandao shared his knowledge and insights with the students. From the challenges and triumphs he encountered as an airline pilot to the strategic vision he brings as the CEO of AirNav RadarBox, Andre provided a unique perspective on the aviation industry and entrepreneurship.

Imperial College London Students

AirNav RadarBox Global Coverage

Imperial College London, renowned for its consistent ranking among the world's top public universities, was the perfect setting for Andre Brandao to engage with aspiring aviation professionals. The university's focus on innovation and academic excellence created a receptive atmosphere for Andre to impart his experiences and insights. The students at Imperial College were enriched by his captivating talk, gaining valuable knowledge and finding inspiration in his words.

Imperial College London Students

The AirNav team wishes to thank Imperial College London for providing us with this invaluable opportunity. We sincerely appreciate the platform Imperial College London offered us to engage and connect with the academic community.


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